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Very Chic Service:

This is a free service - for a limited period only - set up by THE CHIC SELECTION. 

This service is intended for THE CHIC SELECTION's  invited member who wants to sell several of his pre-loved articles, but who has neither the time nor the inclination to describe, measure, photograph and set the price for each article. The member thus transfers authority to THE CHIC SELECTION to receive for deposit the seller’s articles and can manage them in his name and on his behalf for the entirety of the process, for the articles that he previously posted on the THE CHIC SELECTION website.

THE CHIC SELECTION will collect free of charge the articles from the member selling them and will transfer them safely to their premises and manage them to their benefit. The total sale value of each article will be submitted for approval to the member selling it, before being posted in their name, under their username on the THE CHIC SELECTION website. (For reasons of privacy, the identity and personal details of the member are never made public.)

Once the article is online, the member can follow the sales of it by connecting to the website using his email address and password. Each article sold will be shipped to the purchaser by THE CHIC SELECTION in the name of and on behalf of the member selling the article. The payment due will be paid into the account of the member selling the article at the beginning of each month that follows the month in which the sale was carried out.

The commission fee from the sale of the articles will be handled by our Very Chic Service. It is a fixed and non-degressive commission fee and is set at 33% (excl. VAT on commission). An amount of this fee will be paid to a charitable organisation that THE CHIC SELECTION will soon be supporting.

THE CHIC SELECTION ensures and assumes responsibility for all items from the moment they are picked up from the address chosen by the member selling the item, until the point at which the purchaser receives the item.

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