The online platform for buying and re-selling authentic second hand luxury

General terms

Article I. Scope of the present general terms

1.01 The present website (hereinafter “the Site”) is managed by SPRL “The Chic Selection” SPRL, having its registered office at 1050 Brussels, avenue Louise 363, registered at the Central Enterprise Databank under the number 0465.152.612 (RLE Brussels) (hereinafter “The Chic Collection”). This website consists out of a web platform (hereinafter the “Platform”) which is designed to link private selling members or professional sellers (hereinafter the "Seller") and private buyer members (hereinafter the "Buyer") for the sale by the Seller and the purchase by the Buyer of second hand products (hereinafter the “Product(s)”).

1.02 Access to the Site is therefore available to any registred member  accepted by The Chic Selection or sponsored by another member. A member can sponsor maximum ten persons. Sponsorship can be done free of charge. The Chic Selection reserves the right to exclude at any time and with immediate effect, a member, for example in the case of non-payment of previous purchases, in case of returns of abnormal and/or abusive Products, especially if the Products were identified as counterfeit. Registration as a member on the Site is limited to one account per person and the information contained on this account must at all times correspond to reality.

1.03 In case of the conclusion of a purchase and sale agreement closed directly between the Seller and the Buyer, The Chic Selection provides the following services, either ex officio or based on choices made by the Seller and/or Buyer:

  • The Chic Selection implements a fast and efficient system to download photographs of the Product(s)
  • THE CHIC SELECTION highlights the Product(s) posted by the Sellers on the Site by cropping the images of the Products and presenting them to their advantage in order to make them attractive and thereby enable better a quick sale
  • THE CHIC SELECTION sets up a communications department that will promote the Products of the Sellers with an informed community, inviting the latter to become a member of the Site
  • THE CHIC SELECTION bears the shipping costs of the sold Product to its offices for
    • analysis of the consistency between the sold Product and its description provided by the Seller on the Site
    • the expertise as set forth below
  • THE CHIC SELECTION can advise Sellers to set the desired selling price of the Product according to market supply. At the Seller's option, the price may be determined with the assistance of The Chic Selection.
  • THE CHIC SELECTION ensures at its best efforts the authenticity of the Goods to the Buyers apart from the fact that the Good(s) come from members belonging to a private network and known by THE CHIC SELECTION and provides, in case of doubt about a Good, an expertise service delivered by teams of specialists of THE CHIC SELECTION. All services provided by The Chic Selection must be paid by the Seller, in the form of a Commission determined by The Chic Selection and applied to and in according to the selling price of the Good.

1.04 In order to be permitted to sell the Products, any Seller must be a member of the Site. Are considered as members, all registred members accepted by The Chic Selection, invited by THE CHIC SELECTION or sponsored by another member.   Sellers are hereinafter referred to as Members. Registration as a Member implies the acceptance of the current terms and conditions. The acceptance of the current terms and conditions gives mandate to The Chic Selection to link Sellers and Buyers, to promote their Product(s), to advise on the sale price, to manage the payment terms of the Price and the Commission, and to ensure the authenticity by performing the Expertise if necessary in the manner hereinafter.

Article II. Object

The present general terms are to define the conditions under which Members are permitted to use the Site for the purpose of selling Products by a Seller to a Buyer. They also determine the rights and obligations of the users of the Site.

Article III. Functionality of the Platform

3.01 The consultation and the use of the Site is free of costs.

3.02 Inserting an advertisement for the sale of a Product is free and requires a pre-registration procedure as a member and for new members the previous authorization of selling by THE CHIC SELECTION who reserves the right to not allow a member to sell or to refuse the insertion of a Product, especially in case of violation of good moral standards, based on the following criteria:

(a) The general state of good;
(b) The seasonality;
(c) The nature of the property (brand, type, style, age, ...).

3.03 The Sale of the Product implies costs and the payment of a Commission by the Seller.

3.04 Buying a Product implies the payment of the sale price (hereinafter the “Price”), carrying the shipping costs and the customs duties for the purchased Product, and requires a pre-registration procedure as a member.

3.05 Once registered as a member, the Purchase and Sale of a Product requires the legal capacity in respect of the users of the Site.

3.06 The Platform is accessible for Sellers of the following countries: all members of the European Union, Switzerland and the Principality of Monaco.

3.07 The Platform is accessible for Buyers from all over the world.

Article IV. Advertisement Management

4.01 Management of advertisements (edit/delete) is performed by THE CHIC SELECTION in agreement with the Seller subject to compliance with the provisions of the present general terms. Management of advertisements occurs via an accessible link with login/password that was provided during registration.

4.02 Each advertisement inserted by the Seller on the Site remains on this site for a maximum period of 12 months after which it is automatically deleted from the Site and all posts related to it unless the Seller wants to keep his ad.

4.03 The Seller always has the right to withdraw a Product which is set for sale but not yet purchased. If, however, he removes a Product within 1 month after putting the advertisement online on the Platform of THE CHIC SELECTION, he agrees to pay to the latter a compensation equal to the commission applicable to the Product that was set for sale.

Article V. Obligations of The Chic Selection

5.01 The Chic Selection undertakes to make the offers from the Sellers available to the Members on the Platform. The Chic Selection receives, for this purpose, a non-exclusive mandate from the Seller to provide the Buyers deals offered by the Seller and to collect on its behalf and for its account through a licensed provider of payment services under Belgian law, the payment of the amount due by the Buyer within the framework of the sale of the Product.

5.02 The Chic Selection is by no means a reseller of the Products within the framework of the setting up of a relationship between Sellers and Purchasers through the Site, and in any event never acquires the property right on the Products. In this respect, The Chic Selection cannot be considered as a Seller within the meaning of the Law of 6 April 2010 on market practices and consumer protection.

5.03 In case of non-compliance by a Member of these general terms, The Chic Selection reserves the right at any time to withdraw the sale of the concerned Good and/or suspend temporary or terminate definitely the Member's account.

5.04 The role of The Chic Selection is not one of a company selling products. The Site is an online support which aims only at, besides the services provided in section 1.03, allowing members, wishing to sell or buy Products, to contact.

5.05 Except in the context of the services provided under section 1.03, The Chic Selection does not check the information provided by the members and published on the Site. The information provided by the members can be harmful, inaccurate or misleading.

Article VI. Stages of selling a Product

6.01 The seller offers a Product for sale, accompanied by its full description and a mandatory minimum number of 5 photographs via the Platform of The Chic Selection.

6.02 The Chic Selection reserves the right to accept or to refuse the proposition to sell on the Site of any Product that is proposed to him by a Seller, in particular the reasons referred to in Article 3.02.

6.03 The Chic Selection, once a Product is accepted, publishes the advertisement of the Seller for an indefinite period but not exceeding 12 months unless the Seller wiches to leave it. The publication of the advertisement as such is free of costs for the Seller.

6.04 When a Buyer manifests to the Seller its willingness to buy the Product, he makes the payment, which will be sequestered in the hands of a licensed payment organization, selected by The Chic Selection.

6.05 The Seller, once notified about the made payment, will be informed by The Chic Selection about the date on which it will collect the Product to analyze the consistency between the sold Product and its description made by the Seller on the Site, and as well for its expertise. Upon receipt of the Product, The Chic Selection is responsible to perform a Product Expertise in the shortest time possible. The Seller accepts and acknowledges that the Expertise will be performed by The Chic Selection as soon as possible upon receipt of the Product.

6.06 The conclusion of the contract of sale between the Buyer and the Seller is conditional on the compliance of the Product's description as put on the Site and the Expertise if necessary. Each Product considered as litigious, will be returned to the Seller, at its own expenses and once a Product is confirmed counterfeit, The Chic Selection, ever struggling against the false, will be forced, if the law requires, to report this to the competent authorities, for the sequester of the Products, and in any event preclude the Member with immediate effect.

6.07 Once the possible validation of the Product is done, The Chic Selection confirms to the Buyer and the Seller the result thereof. The Sale is deemed perfect, whereby the transfer of ownership and risks between the Buyer and the Seller will take place, once The Chic Selection has notified both of them respectively of the consistent character of the Product. It will then process, within the shortest time possible, the shipping of the Product at the expense of the Buyer. The latter has previously been informed, after conclusion of the Purchase, about the shipping costs for the purchase of the Product. The periods of shipping and delivery are not guaranteed by The Chic Selection.

6.08 Once the Buyer received the Product, The Chic Selection gives order to the licensed payment organization to make the payment of the Price to the Seller at the beginning of the month following the sale, minus the Commission. The Seller has previously been informed, upon publication of the offer on the Site, about the amount of the Commission applicable to the Sale of the concerned Product.

6.09 At no point in the sales process The Chic Selection is the owner of the Product.

6.10 In case of an error by The Chic Selection about the authenticity of a Product, the latter will reimburse the purchase price of the Product to the Buyer, by prior removal of the Product from the Buyer.

Article VII. Obligations of the Members

7.01 By registering on the Site, the Member undertakes to inform his true identity and to give its real coordinates. He creates a unique username and a strictly personal password, which he guarantees to keep confidential. The registered Member is the only one allowed to use the Platform by using the username and the registered password. The Member agrees not to grant any other person access to the Platform through use of its identity.

7.02 A Member agrees not to choose a username infringing the rights of a third party. A Member does not adopt, for example, a username infringing an intellectual property right, a trademark, a name or a surname.

7.03 A Member agrees not to create or use other accounts than the one he initially created, either under its own identity or under that of third parties.

7.04 A Member is forbidden to put on sale, to sell, to allow for sale or to purchase, whether directly or indirectly, Products which is in conflict with the good moral standards and laws and regulations.

7.05 The Site is reserved for private users as well as for professional sellers authorized by THE CHIC SELECTION. The Seller, who is a private user confirms that he consequently sells a second hand Product, previously purchased by him and thus he is the full and complete owner of or when he has a mandate to sell, in the name and for the account of private persons, Products that are deposited by the latter at his home.

7.06 The Chic Selection reserves the right to suspend the Member's account immediately and to inform the competent authorities about any purchase, any offer to sell, or any attempt to offer for sale on the Platform of The Chic Selection a counterfeit Product or otherwise a Product in conflict with the above mentioned provisions.

Article VIII. Obligations of the Sellers

8.01 The Seller is solely responsible for the proper execution of the obligation to inform the Buyers about the true and essential characteristics of the Product. He is solely responsible for the description of the Products that he offers to sell. He warrants The Chic Selection of any claim relating to the content and form of the said description. The Seller agrees to perform all validations, verifications and provides all necessary details so that the description and elements of the offer are true and do not induce the erring of the Buyer. In case of an error in the description or in the elements of the offer, the Seller is the only bearing the possible costs and no claim on his part will be acceptable in this regard against the Purchaser then by The Chic Selection.

8.02 Placing an advertisement by the Seller is making an offer to sell.

8.03 The Buyer shall bear the possible customs rights and formalities and/or excise duties applicable on the sale of the Product.

8.04 Obligations of professional Sellers: it is the duty of professional sellers to:

(a) implement reasonable measures to remove Products from the platform of THE CHIC SELECTION which have already been sold by them through other means (e.g. in a shop). THE CHIC SELECTION however informs Buyers that it is not impossible that a Product which is on sale on the Platform is no longer available in the head of the Seller, and disclaims any liability in this regard.
(b) Accept they are solely liable towards the Buyers and with full discharge of THE CHIC SELECTION, for the compliance with the the Law of 6 April 2010 as stated above (and amongst other information obligation, right of withdrawal,…)

Article IX. Financial Transactions

9.01 The Seller authorizes The Chic Selection to perceive, in its name and on its behalf, the price of the Product through the secure payment organization chosen by the latter.

9.02 The Buyer acknowledges that he has been informed about the payment in the hands of a third party pending the confirmation of the Sale at the conclusion of the expertise proceedings. He accepts this fact.

9.03 The Seller authorizes The Chic Selection to offset the payment of the Price of the Product with the Commission due to The Chic Selection for the use of the Site and the services rendered by the latter. This compensation shall be effected by deducting the amount due to the Commission from the price paid by the Buyer.

9.04 The Seller agrees that the time required to perform the verification of compliance and if necessary the Expertise of the Product, will not bear interests chargeable on the price.

Article X. Obligations of the Buyers

10.01 Complaints

10.02 Any claim relating to a Product, that would prove tthe non-compliance with the announcement of the Seller and that found to be defective, must be submitted within 7 calendar days after the receipt from The Chic Selection and this by email or registered letter. The complaint must be detailed and motivated. The Chic Selection undertakes to treat as soon as possible and in each case any claim that is brought to its attention and in order to meet the best interests of the Member.

10.03 Non receipt of order

10.04 A complaint concerning a non-receipt of a Product, substantiated by The Chic Selection may result, unless fraud, in a refund to the Buyer.

10.05 Failure to comply

10.06 In case of non-compliance after the analysis or the Expertise, they will immediately start to repay the Price to Buyer. On request of the Seller, the Product will be returned to him at his expenses. It is up to the Seller, in case he challenges the assessment of the results of the analysis or expertise, to hand him over all documents to demonstrate his good faith, and engage if necessary, the responsibility of the expert by any means at his convenience. The Buyer on the other side will be authorized to issue any separate claim directly to the Seller, of which the details will be forwarded.

10.07 In case the bad faith of the Seller proves to be established, The Chic Selection will be entitled to claim, as a compensation, a sum amounting 20% (twenty percent) of the Product price, notwithstanding the right of the Chic Selection to request a compensation for the damages before the competent courts.

10.08 Upon discovery of a hidden defect, the Buyer must submit his application within the period and in the manner laid down in Articles 1641 and following of the Civil Code.

10.09 In the event of a justified complaint, the Product must be returned completely in the original packaging with all its accessories and documents, in the same way or similar to the shipping, within 7 days after the response of The Chic Selection. In all cases, the Product must be returned in the same conditions as it was sent.

Article XI. Responsibility

11.01 The Seller declares and guarantees to have the right to Sell the Product, he is the full and complete owner of and the Product is free and clear of all rights and/or securities in favor of a third party.

11.02 In the case of non-compliance by a Member of one of the following obligations: offering counterfeit goods for sale, opening multiple accounts, payment fraud, attempted fraud or any other criminal offense, The Chic Selection reserves the right to suspend the Member's access to the platform, without prejudice to a compensation for the entire damage sustained by The Chic Selection.

11.03 The Chic Selection cannot be held responsible for any loss or alternation of data, for any loss of profit, revenue, opportunity, time, or for any indirect damage, such loss or damage said to be due to negligence or any other cause.

11.04 Without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, the responsibility of The Chic Selection, whatever the circumstances are, may not exceed the greater of the following amounts: - the amount of the Commission paid by the Seller relating to the Product of which the sale in question is the origin of calling into question of the responsibility of The Chic Selection; or 20% of the Purchase Price paid by the Buyer.

11.05 The questioning of the responsibility of The Chic Selection cannot take place in case of bad faith or fraudulent intent on the part of the invoking party.

11.06 Each Member accepts to defend and indemnify The Chic Selection (including against reasonable attorneys' fees) as well as its officers, managers, agents and employees against any demand or claim made by any third party due to or arising from a breach of these conditions by a Member or violation by a Member of any law or rights of third parties.

Article XII. Force Majeure

The Chic Selection cannot be held responsible for any failure to perform its obligations hereunder due to facts beyond its control and making the performance of its obligations technically or economically more difficult or impossible. Cases of force majeure shall include, in addition to cases recognized by the courts, all natural disasters, all acts of war, breaches of public order, epidemics, fires, floods and other disasters, all governmental acts, any strike, lock-out, as well all external electrical and technical problems preventing parties to communicate.

Article XIII. Intellectual property rights

13.01 Photos and pictures, illustrations, animation files, videos and other graphic material files, and names, logos, trademarks, ... that are presented on the Site are the material and intellectual property of The Chic Selection or of others with whom it has entered into license agreements or other agreements. They may be protected by a copyright, trademark or other laws relating to intellectual property. It is not permitted to copy, send, distribute, disseminate, sell, publish, broadcast, circulate, arrange or modify the materials or content on the Site, completely or partly.

13.02 In accordance with the legal provisions relating to copyright and related rights, any visitor has the right to:

  • print or download fragments of the material contained on this website and this for informative and personal non-commercial purposes, or;
  • copy the material on this website with the intent to distribute and communicate in the family circle.

13.03 The automatic acceptance of these terms and conditions may in no case be interpreted in the sense or be equated to obtain a license or other right of use regarding this information, data, products or protected by intellectual and industrial property rights.

Article XIV. Notifications

Unless otherwise expressly provided, any notice sent to The Chic Selection should be addressed by email to Any notification to be sent to a Member, will in principle be sent by e-mail to the address provided by the Member upon registration. Notifications are deemed to be received 24 hours after sending an e-mail unless the sender is notified of the invalidity of the e-mail address. Notifications can also be sent by registered letter to the address provided by a Member upon registration.

Article XV. Site availability

The Chic Selection does not guarantee that the functionality of the Site will be uninterrupted, error free or secure. The Chic Selection reserves the right at any time and without prior notice, to suspend access to the site for technical reasons or other and to terminate his services, and without being held responsible for these interruptions and the consequences that might result for the Members or a third party.

Article XVI. Restricting access to the Site

The Chic Selection reserves the unilateral right to deny access to the whole or part of the Site to any person who:

  • acts in breach of the present terms and conditions;
  • uses the personal data to which he may have access through the Site, to offer products or paying services or to send large numbers of unsolicited messages to the mailboxes of other Members ("spamming") ;
  • infringes one way or another the reputation of the Site;
  • infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties;
  • would use the Site for illegal purposes, without prejudice of the right of The Chic Selection to lodge a complaint or recourse to protect its rights.

Article XVII. Modifications

The Chic Selection has the right to modify the present general Conditions in accordance with changes in its offer and the market. Any changes will take immediate effect for online offers as from their notification to the Members by any means chosen by The Chic Selection. They do not apply to transactions in progress at the time of their entry into force.

Article XVIII. Divisibility

If any provision of these present general Conditions is held to be illegal, void or unenforceable for whatsoever reason, that provision shall be deemed severable and the remaining provisions of the present General Conditions shall be unaffected.

Article XIX. Applicable law – Competent courts

The present general Conditions are governed by Belgian law. Any dispute will be settled by the Courts of Brussels, in the absence of mandatory provisions imposing the appropriate Court of the home of the Seller or the Buyer.

Personal Information and Protection of personal data

Article XX. Personal information

The term "Personal Information" means all information provided by a Member when registering on the Site. Each Member is solely responsible for its Personal Information. Personal information provided by the Members:

a. may not be false, inaccurate, misleading;
b. may not be fraudulent or involve the sale of counterfeit or stolen Products;
c. may not infringe copyright, patent rights, trademark rights, trade secret, other intellectual property rights, the right to disclosure or privacy of others;
d. may not violate any law or regulation (including, without limitation, those governing export control, consumer protection, unfair competition, discrimination or false advertising);
e. may not be defamatory, slanderous or libelous;
f. may not be discriminatory or incite violence or racial, religious or ethnic;
g. may not contain obscene or pedophile content;
h. may not contain viruses or any other computer program intended to damage or to surreptitiously intercept any computer system, data or personal information.

Article XXI. Personal data

The data received from Members is listed in files of The Chic Selection and is solely intended for the use of the Site and for sending via e-mail information letters by The Chic Selection. This data allow responding favorably to requests send by the Members. The Chic Collection Selection collects personal data on a legal way, and stores it securely. The data is not transmitted to third parties, except however for technical services during maintenance of the Site. The data will be processed in accordance with the Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data. Accordance with the Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data, each Member has the right to consult and, if necessary, rectify the data in question. In addition, a Member may at any time object free of charge and upon simple object against the processing of personal data concerning him. For inquiries regarding the protection of personal data, a member may send an e-mail to

Rules on cookies

Article XXII. The Chic Selection uses cookies to improve the use of the site for the visitors (e.g. retaining the choice of language, personal settings) and provide statistics on the browsing behavior of the visitors of the Site. A cookie is a small text file placed on a visitor's computer by the browser software. It allows the Site to recognize a visitor during a future visit.

Article XXIII. No personal data

A cookie consists of a unique number. It does not contain any personal data. The Chic Selection may not use cookies to identify a visitor personally.

Article XXIV. Objection

Any visitor to the Site can change the settings of their browser to receive a message as soon as a cookie is installed or to disable the use of cookies. If a visitor refuses cookies, the use of certain features of the Site may be limited. Through the Site, any visitor can indicate whether it supports the Site to install cookies on his computer and he will be able to change this setting at any time.

Article XXV. Data for the creation of statistics

The Chic Selection does not use these compiled data except for the analysis of navigation data. Thus, these data allow The Chic Selection to improve the Site and its applications to better meet the needs of the visitors of the Site and to facilitate their use. The data are not used for any other purpose and are not made available to third parties.

The Chic Selection collects the following data for analysis: - The address of the supplier of Internet access;

  • The used browser;
  • The time and duration of the visit;
  • The visited pages.

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