Born in Saumur in 1883, in the Loire Valley of France, Gabrielle Chanel survived an impoverished childhood and had a strict education. After her mother’s death, Chanel was put in an orphanage by her father. She learned how to sew through the care of the nuns, little did she know that this skill would change her life forever. The difficulties of her childhood inspired her to pursue a different career, first on stage as a singer where she acquired the name “Coco”. After some time, in 1913, She opened her first shop in Paris, selling hats and a limited line of garments; it actually developed a dedicated clientele who quickly made her practical sportswear a success.

In the 1920s, she launched her first perfume called “ Chanel No.5”. Untill this day, her perfumes are the most worn by women around the world. In 1925, she introduced the legendary Chanel suit with collarless jacket and a fitted skirt. Her designs were so extraordinary considering she used the ideas of men’s wear and incorporated into woman’s fashion. She was the reason women were able to stop wearing corsets and the overwhelming garments. Around the same time, she also came out with one of the most famous design known to date, the little black dress.

She used the color black to express it in a way where it could be chic on an evening night. Chanel became a legend not only because of her work in fashion, but the meaning behind it. She changed the way women could express themselves by freeing them from the stereotypical women’s wear. It gave them empowerment. In 1969, Gabrielle Chanel’s story became a Broadway musical named “Coco”, starring Katherine Hepburn as the legendary designer. It was so amazingly written and played that it received seven Tony Award nominations, winning Best Costume design and best-featured actor.

However, Gabrielle Chanel’s time ended on January 10, 1971. She never married because she never wanted to be weighed down by a man. Huge crowds united at the Church of Madeleine to say their farewells to the fashion mogul. To pay respects, many wore the iconic Chanel Suit. As the years passed, Karl Lagerfeld took over the label to continue Chanel’s legacy.

Gabrielle Chanel’s life story inspire us and inspires many people, and her timeless designs will continue to thrive.

Watch the video: Gabrielle, the Quest for Freedom

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