Guide to Chanel Purses and Bags Leather Types

Chanel is a world-renowned brand name known for their exclusive handbag collection and for the exquisite materials they use.

A Chanel bag is a beautiful work of art featuring a classic design combined with a functional layout and a chic color palette. To top their bags off, Chanel uses only the best in leather goods available. The different types of leather used vary depending on the bag style and give each bag a durable and superb look and feel. When it comes to luxury handbags, Chanel is simply a master of leather materials, as you’ll learn in this guide. 

The leather is a robust and flexible material created by tanning animal rawhides, mostly cattle hide, but Chanel has expanded to include many other exotic types of leather to adorn their handbags and your closet. Chanel patent leather is among the best quality leather on the market today and can withstand the wear and tear of regular, everyday use while still maintaining its shine and beauty. The leather is a fashion favorite because of the many qualities it retains, a designer can create almost anything he/she dreams of, as Chanel has so kindly done for us. 

Due to the high quality and versatility of leather, Chanel has been able to create stunning handbags in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Each bag uses a unique type of leather for a specific purpose and pattern. This guide will help you learn the many distinctions between these different bag styles and leather materials. So, without further ado, let’s get into the guide and out shopping. 

Chanel Lambskin Leather 

Among the most popular and widely used leather materials on the market is Chanel lambskin leather. This leather is extremely soft to the touch, it is smooth and silky, a favorite leather material of both designers and customers. The velvety softness of lambskin leather is achieved by tanning the skin with some of the wool remaining on the skin. This technique gives the leather its smooth, furry touch plus it adds a protective layer to the bag giving it both a sturdy quality and a gorgeous appearance. 

Lambskin leather is most commonly used on the Chanel Flap Bag

This leather is ideal for both the casual and chaotic day, but because it is so delicate, it is prone to minor flaws and damage. Make sure to maintain this bag to ensure it stays in mint condition. Keep the bag away from possible stains or scratches and don’t use water to clean the bag, instead use a dry cloth. 

Chanel Caviar Leather 

Caviar leather is known for its intriguing, geometric design and beauty. This type of leather features a repeating diamond pattern that feels bumpy to the touch, almost 3D in appearance. Caviar leather is made from calfskin (with grains) and can withstand some abuse while still looking incredibly gorgeous. This combination makes the Chanel bag caviar leather a favorite among Chanel shoppers. 

The elegant leather pattern helps to ward off possible damage, making it a great choice for everyday use. The leather is strong and sturdy, capable of withstanding almost whatever you throw at it or in it. Caviar leather lives up to its luxurious name. 

Chanel Deerskin Leather 

Deerskin leather is thicker than most leathers and has a lovely, pebbled appearance, but is not as bumpy as the Caviar leather. The pebbles on this bag are a little smoother and less noticeable to the eye, but can be distinguished by brushing your hand across them. Because the leather is thick, it is durable yet flexible, but heavier than regular leather bags. 

This type of leather is often used for larger bags, as deerskin leather is very elastic and easy to mold into different designs. But due to its hefty weight, some customers complain that it is too heavy, especially when full – something to keep in mind when shopping Chanel leather bags, but don’t let that stop you! 

After much consideration, Chanel decided to change the deerskin leather to textured calfskin, to lose the weight while still maintaining the same feel as deerskin. 

Chanel Quilted Calfskin Leather 

Calfskin leather is a popular material to use for handbags for its high quality and sophisticated appearance. Many bags are therefore made of this leather material as people appreciate its fine grain and smooth texture. The calfskin leather is fairly thin, but the quilted design provides durability and intriguing texture. This leather is the chief material used in the new Boy Bag Collection

Chanel offers a variety of different calfskin leathers to choose from. There is aged calfskin leather, which gives the leather a weathered look with visible wrinkles giving the material a classic yet rugged style. There is cracked patent calfskin leather, which resembles a vintage look with its fine grain and soft touch, making it resilient to nicks and scratches. There is glazed calfskin leather, which is characterized by a silky smooth texture with a special glaze applied giving the leather a shiny, polished appearance. Then there is metallic calfskin leather, which provides a stunning, shimmering glare that is easy to clean and maintain. 

Chanel Goatskin Leather 

Goatskin is a very durable leather material and can stand up against a lot of wear and tear. It is a popular material for bags that require extra strength, as goatskin is thick and tough. Surprisingly, this leather is still soft to the touch and looks great. One disadvantage though is that while the sides of the handbag keep their shape, the top sometimes tends to look dented in after a few weeks or months. This is not a problem if the bag is almost full, but can change the look of the bag if the dent becomes deep. 

Because of its stiff and durable nature, goatskin is a very popular leather for handbags and other accessories such as clothing and shoes. This leather is used throughout the world and can be found on many Chanel bags. The combination of firm and soft make this leather a top contender among handbag materials. 

Chanel Alligator Leather 

When it comes to exotic leather, alligator leather is among the most exotic and favorite for leather aficionados and industry professionals. There are a variety of alligator leathers to choose from with many different patterns and textures. This is a unique leather, and no pattern is ever the same. Alligator leather looks fantastic on any bag; it has a rich depth to its appearance and a distinctive pattern that provides for an alluring touch.  

This leather can be dyed in a variety of different colors and gives off a vibrant and almost alive look from a distance. Alligator skin is very tough and therefore easy to take care of, but don’t leave the bag out in direct sunlight or heat as this can age and damage the leather. Because alligator skin is exotic, it tends to be more expensive than other leathers, but the cost can be offset by the durability of this resilient leather. Avoid scratches with this extraordinary leather material; you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.

Chanel Python Leather 

Another exotic leather that is both luxurious and lightweight. Python leather not only sounds cool, but it looks awesome too. The sophisticated pattern of Python leather sets this material apart from the rest of the pack; it offers a pattern not regularly seen in the market and thus a rare find. This is a leather that is nothing short of lavish, but the position of the python scales allow it show off color more beautifully and vibrantly than other leather bags. Python leather is a symbol of luxury reminiscent of kings and queens.  

Python leather comes in a wide range of color combinations and patterns and is very easy to maintain as the scales act as armor and protect the bag. Although Python leather is sturdy, it is also water sensitive, avoid getting it wet. Because the leather is very lightweight, it can be used in a number of different shapes and sizes. 

Chanel Galuchat Leather 

Chanel is known for its designers, and what a better way to honor a Chanel designer by naming a leather material after them. This leather is named after, and created by, the master artisan Jean-Claude Galluchat of France who lived in the 18th century. This leather is steeped in history and is among the most exotic leathers in the world. 

Galuchat leather is made with sharkskin or stingray skin. This type of leather is rare and not found on many handbags, making it a highly sought-after material for avid fans of exotic leather. Galuchat leather is extremely durable, it is said to be up to 25 times more durable than cowhide leather, while still maintaining a beautiful look and feel. This type of material is ideal for everyday bags and will stand up to general wear and tear. The leather can be painted in many different colors and can be manufactured in a polished, flat style or a bumpy, textured style. A very elegant and eye-catching leather that is sure to turn heads. 

There you have it, the ultimate guide to the different leather types that make Chanel purses and bags top of the line accessories. 

Now you can shop with confidence and choose what leather materials suit your taste and lifestyle best. Keep in mind the pros and cons we’ve outlined, make your shopping experience an educated and delightful experience. A Chanel leather bag is more than just a bag, it’s an identity, wear it like you mean it! 


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