How to Tell if a Hermes Belt is Real? - Don't Get Fooled!

image of women wearing authentic Hermes Belts Concept of how to tell if a Hermes belt is real.
Hermès belts are one of the most coveted and loved high fashion accessories today. However, if you are shopping and want to know how to tell if a Hermès belt is real, there are a few things to look out for, so you don’t get fooled by counterfeiters desperately trying to steal profits from the famous French brand.

Hermès makes only high-end goods by hand. In shops known as Les Ateliers Hermès in France, the quality manufacturing is as legendary as the Greek God the brand name evokes. The fashion brand specializes in leather goods including watches, handbags and belts to name just a few products in this ultra-posh line. And while many people enjoy high-fashion Hermès belts, not many people can actually afford to wear them. The reputation of Hermès belts makes it hard for people to resist purchasing faux accessories that mimic the real thing. However, not all Hermès accessories are truly made at Les Ateliers Hermès.

How to Tell if a Hermès Belt is Real: 8 Ways to Spot a Fake

Image of authentic second hand hermes belt

1. The Leather.

When you feel the leather of a Hermès accessory it will never seem like any other type. Only the highest-quality leather with a supple texture and soft feeling to the touch is used in Les Ateliers Hermès. Tough or stiff leather is a dead giveaway that you have a fake Hermès on your hands. Hermès belt leather is also almost always double-sided with different colors on each side and thus reversible. Take a close look at how the size is displayed. This can be an indicator that it’s not a true Hermès belt. If you see the size mentioned in a unit other than centimeters it is probably a fake as Hermès always uses centimeters to show the size. Also, the smell should not be synthetic in any way or like plastic.

2. The Stitching.

One of the most attractive features of a genuine Hermès belt is the stitching. They are each hand sewn yet brilliantly uniform. If you look at the stitching closely with your eyes on a genuine Hermès, it’s easy to see the evenness of each stitch and that none of them are split. In short, if you are able to get your eyes on the stitching close up, it shouldn’t take much time to realize if it is a fake or genuine accessory. Because the stitching on these belts is one of the hardest ways to know how to tell if a Hermès belt is real from a distance, you may have to handle the item before knowing if it’s fake. The craftsmanship is simply too good to know from far away if it is done by a machine or artisans.

3. The Buckle.

There are a few different things to look for in the classic “H” buckle on a Hermès belt. Here are a few tips on how to tell if a Hermès belt is real, just by inspecting the buckle:
  • The “H” should be shaped with premium-quality finishing. No scratch marks.
  • It should be solid, with a heavy feeling in your hands.
  • The edges will never be bubbled, chipped or otherwise blemished.
  • The Hermès belt logo is always on the back of the buckle. If it’s not there, the belt is fake.
  • Double-check the spelling to ensure a counterfeit manufacturer didn’t make a mistake. The second “e” in Hermès should always have an accent mark over it. Like this: Hermès and never Hermes.
  • If the buckle doesn’t work or you have trouble closing the buckle it could be a knockoff.
  • The back of the Hermès belt buckle is always matte. If it’s shiny, it is only a replica.
  • A 14K or 18K on the metal is a hallmark for a fake
NOTE: Hermès “H” buckle Constance bets are one of the most commonly counterfeited accessory.

4. The Stamps.

When you purchase a true Hermès belt you need to know that it has the genuine stamp. What most people don’t know is that unlike other high-end fashion brands, Hermès belts include not one but three different stamps that will never show any sign of wear. They include the Hermès belt Paris Made in France stamp as well as the number that represents the size of the belt (in centimeters) and a letter inside a circle or square for the year of manufacture. All three of the Hermès belt stamps can be found on one side of the leather strap. The three stamps at the end of each Hermès belt are an easy and basic way to authenticate these accessories.

5. The Packaging.

Hermès belts will always come in an elegant, luxury package and include a receipt. But that’s not all … Look for these other signs of a Hermès counterfeit belt:

The orange authenticity card.

This is not genuine, and for some reason, counterfeit companies made this piece of material to include in replica packaging. If you find it - run away. This orange “authenticity” card is a red flag for a fake.

Stamping inside.

There should not be any stamping inside of the box. Packaging for Hermès belts that are not real often includes a round stamp inside the box that may or may not include words like Hermès or Made in, etc.


As with everything Hermès makes the belt’s packaging will not include any mistakes in detail. So, if you notice that there is a border inside, on top or on the side of the box that looks misaligned or crooked it’s a fake Hermès. Mistakes in craftsmanship are how to tell if a Hermès belt is real.

Just because your belt comes in orange packaging doesn’t mean that it’s not fake. Check for these signs that the packaging is not genuine. You’ll know it’s a Hermès belt if it comes in an orange box with the company logo printed clearly on it. It will include a black ribbon with the logo on it as well. However, if the inner surface has a logo or anything else printed on it, don’t buy it. It’s not truly a Hermès belt.

6. The Kit.

A Hermès belt does not come all by itself. In fact, when you purchase a Hermès belt, it almost always comes in a kit that includes one package. Inside the box, you will find both the belt and the buckle in a combination kit. You can then mix and match any of your Hermès belts, but you will never find a belt or buckle sold separately unless it is pre-used or counterfeit.

7. The Invoice.

When you purchase a Hermès belt, it will come with a receipt that includes a yellow-colored logo in the middle. The shade of the logo is faded, but it can be seen. If the invoice is printed by a counterfeit company it is likely that the receipt will not include this detail or it will be replicated poorly with a darker tone or false font. Inside genuine Hermès accessory packaging, you will also find that the invoice contains information detailing the location of the store and country where you purchased your belt.

8. The Company.

If you cannot verify the company where you purchase your Hermès belt it is fake. Nevertheless, many people make the common mistake of buying a Hermès accessory from a retail outlet where they do not verify its authenticity. When you buy a true Hermès, you will also receive papers that verify you have purchased it from a certified Hermès outlet. Take the papers of purchase with you and keep them as long as you have the Hermès belt to be able to verify it’s genuine. If you buy a Hermès accessory online from a market or other retailer, make sure you verify the paperwork and packaging especially if you cannot confirm you are shopping with an authorized company outlet.

What’s the Cost of Hermès Fashion?

Image of a woman with boxes of Hermes purchases

A faux Hermès belt can cost anywhere between $200.00 - $500.00 online or at open markets. However, for a genuine Hermès belt, you would need to be prepared to spend at least $800.00 for a belt. For other, more unique styles or limited collections, the price tag on a vintage Hermès belt could be upwards of $1,200.00. The high price tag on Hermès belts isn’t unique within the brand. A Hermès handbag can fetch a price of $50,000 or more. Some can be seen with a price tag in the millions.

The reality of these luxurious accessories is that they can be found in the top-ranking fashion collections. Seen around the waists of models and gripped in the hands of A-list celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Hermès leather accessories set the standard for luxury. Not easily made, each Hermès is handcrafted from the pattern-making, cutting, folding and trimming of the material and each line of stitching – each piece is artisan designed. Nothing is done with the use of a machine, so many times Hermès belts, handbags and other accessories are not only considered a high-end fashion statement, but they are also seen as a work of art.  

A Final Note on How To Spot Hermès Authenticity

You will be able to use these 8 ways how to tell if a Hermès belt is real to spot a fake. If you feel like it’s faux – it probably is. But you never want to assume that someone is wearing a fake Hermès if it’s real. So, use these tips to spot a fake and never settle for anything less than genuine. A real Hermès belt will radiate its premium quality from start to finish.   

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