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There is a nostalgia that comes with Vintage Fashion, many people seek items with history attached to them – whether real or imagined – or some standard of quality or style that only truly existed during a certain time. Vintage means that the item is of a trend that was popular in a different era, an era many long to relive and can do so through vintage designer bags, clothing, and accessories. The later includes vintage designer jewelry and shoes.

We believe that gathering all the best boutiques and promoting their unique selection of pre-loved and vintage luxury designer brands together on one platform will also facilitate the customers’ searches, rates comparison, and guarantee them a genuine product as sold by professionals for whom authenticity is their reputation.

The term ‘vintage’ was originally derived from the dating of a bottle of wine, where the vintage date, or the date the grapes were grown, gives some added information about the value of the wine. If the vintage year was a good one for grapes, it indicates that this wine is of high quality. Today, vintage is a term that refers to garments originating from a previous era, a previous time, a previous life.

There’s a subculture of people who have attached themselves to the past through fashion. Referred to as ‘vintage enthusiasts,’ these individuals have adorned their bodies, furnished their houses, and styled their lives after the ‘40s, ‘50s, and early ‘60s, but this trend also extends into the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Vintage shopping can be a hobby or a lifestyle where people are committed to keeping up a retro look at all times.

Celebrities are not strangers to vintage fashion and often use their personal style as a fashion statement. Let’s take a look at some ladies that love vintage and try to earn all we can from their style.


Dita Von Teese

Dita von Teese - credit: Shutterstock

Seductress Dita Von Teese is no stranger to vintage; she is an American burlesque dancer, vedette, model, costume designer, entrepreneur, and occasional actress. The modern pinup teamed up with Los Angeles designer vintage shop Decades to launch the Dita Von Teese Collection, a line of all-black designs (sizes 4 to 16) mined from her own vintage finds. The full-skirted trench ($899) is one of our favorites. The range comprises feminine retro-inspired dresses; each flattering look harks back to an age when glamour was a priority.

The icon is among the most famous Hollywood divas but with a vintage style all her own. As a teenager, her idols were Marlene Dietrich and Rita Hayworth, and we can how these icons have influenced her style today. Dita ended up being the style icon for lady-like qualities: she’s feminine, smart, beautiful and sensual. She’s never tasteless, think about the way she performs in her burlesque shows or the way she dresses, always put together and seductive not too little, not too much, just right. Keep her in mind when shopping for vintage items to complete your vintage look.

Scarlett Johansson

With a chameleon-like attitude towards fashion, Scarlett Johansson has an ever-evolving style that gives her vintage look a little twist. The blonde bombshell has never been afraid to experiment when it comes to mixing and matching styles. From constantly changing her hair - red, brunette, short, long - to her sartorial choices, the actress is far from predictable. Sometimes feminine and sometimes androgynous, Scarlett can go from casual vintage to polished vintage without a time machine.


Adele - credit: Shutterstock

It was style, not song, which first attracted Adele to the scene. As the story goes, she was just 13 and in her native London when she spotted an Etta James CD in a store. Adel gasped and thought to herself, “Her blond weave and her catty eyes and her curves and her tight gold shimmering dresses, and just that attitude in her face and figure – I was like, ‘Oh my God, to die!’” From here on her vintage story began and is still going strong today. While Adele’s fashion style is more influenced by the 60’s vintage era, she can often be seen in beautiful black dresses with retro Hollywood glamour touches of beading or lace. She often completes her vintage wardrobe with a retro look for hair and makeup, including blush, cat’s eye eyeliner, and big hair – beehive vintage big hair.


Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller - credit : Shutterstock

Sienna Miller loves slightly sexless fashion, she explained that she feels happiest when clad in menswear-inspired pieces that are anything but sultry, such as buttoned-up shirts or white trousers. But when the mood, and the weather, is right, Sienna will slip into a dress and express her vintage love. She has been seen out on the prowl in leopard print topped with a shaggy, hippie-chic fur cardigan or back to basics with distressed jeans, a rock ‘n’ roll band T-shirt, and a sharp blazer.

Mary-Kate Olsen

From child superstar to fashion icon, Mary-Kate Olsen has defined television and fashion. Since moving away from Hollywood, Mary-Kate – along with her sister Ashley – founded The Row in 2006 followed by a more casual line in 2007, Elizabeth and James. Her 70’s vintage style has been characterized by a staple bohemian look comprised of long, intricately printed garments and oversized scarfs. Other looks include Native American inspired turquoise jewelry and the Almost Famous-inspired outfit complete with fur-trimmed coat, a navy studded maxi dress, and a long strand necklace.



Both hit-maker and fashion-maker, Rihanna is not afraid to wear what she wants and wear it in public. She is bound to step out in a sheer dress with nothing underneath or wear an outfit made entirely out of pink fur or her special edition chaps-style Manolo boots under nothing but a T-shirt. Rihanna is an 80’s bombshell with a bone to pick.


Beyoncé - Credit:

Our beloved Beyoncé is both voluptuous and versatile; she can go from an electric, print-on-print top and pencil skirt combo to an old concert or sports team tee without breaking character. Bey is a bodacious vintage diva who wears her 80’s wardrobe day and night.

Miley Cyrus

Young Miley Cyrus is another fashion chameleon but wilder. She’s gone from Disney Princess to Los Angeles teen icon. Her wrecking ball fashion sense has stirred up controversy we can’t get enough of. Such as the psychedelic halter-top and pants set she wore in tribute to My Little Pony.


Katy Perry

Katy Perry - Credit: Shutterstock

Never boring, always fashionable and downright crazy, Katy Perry is perhaps the epitome of 90’s vintage fashion. This pop princess can be seen wearing an oversized teddy coat, fishnet stockings, and bulky buckle motorcycle boots. Her style takes us back to the past and brings us forward in fashion.

Rita Ora

The singer has been known to experiment with color and cuisine, once sporting a quirky dairy print Moschino dress after appearing in the Italian fashion house's show for Milan Fashion Week. She mixes vintage with high fashion satire we can all appreciate.

Charli XCX

Charli XCX is a punk diva that doesn’t care if anyone hates her style. She wears what she wants, and she looks good doing it. She embraces her unique style and her love of 90’s vintage, such as when she wore a sequin cardigan, plaid micro-mini skirt, and chunky buckle clogs. That outfit screams the 90’s!

The Queens of Vintage Glamour Dresses

Vintage celebrity fashion is all the rage, especially during awards season. A time when we reflect on the year’s performances and watch as our favorite celebrity queens walk the red carpet in beautiful vintage glamour dresses. There are many ladies who deserve mention, but we will feature a select handful below.

Chloe Sevigny

Considered the ultimate queen of vintage fashion, Chloe Sevigny is a model turned actress that can put together a flawless designer outfit complete with vintage trimmings: hats, gloves, and oversized mannish jackets.

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung - Credit: Shutterstock

Alexa Chung has gone stateside wither quintessentially English preppy look. She is famed for her clever mix of vintage accessories and girly shift dresses, a highly sought-after style she has pioneered.

Agyness Deyn

Manchester-born model and socialite Agyness Deyn is known as a fashion rebel who not only mixes and matches thrift store finds with high-end fashion, but also adds edgy 80’s accessories and old hats to match her glamour dresses.

Rachel Zoe

The 70's obsessed California blonde has become a super-stylist to stars who like to mix high-end designer fashion trends with vintage garb. She is known to dress clients in quirky second-hand clutches and heavily embroidered pieces that arouse a modern hippy vibe.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is perhaps among the most beloved of child to adult actresses on the planet, and she deserves it. She is always thinking beyond the possible and the predictable, and we get to enjoy her creations on the red carpet. She can wear vintage like no other and adds, even more, vintage appeal with hair and makeup magic.

Daisy Lowe

With an electrifying fashion sense, Daisy Lowe is a diva in a red dress on a red carpet not to be missed. She is a queen of vintage glamour dresses and knows just how to wear them, and on what occasions. She’s been snapped wearing a 50’s faux-fur which is unique in high fashion, a trend growing in popularity. Vintage fashion treasure hunting and looking for vintage collectibles is a pastime many enjoy, but some can find it frustrating because it's difficult to know where to buy vintage. When on the hunt for just the right treasure, arming yourself with knowledge about the source and materials used allows you to ask the right questions, and make wiser choices than the rest of the pack. That can mean better treasure hunting. Treasuring what another era produced is a time-honored tradition we can help you step into. Hunting for antique fashion treasures and vintage accessories is a fun pastime shared by many. When you go vintage shopping, arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to purchase authentic vintage items.


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