Our List of 12 Best Fashion Companies to Work for in 2018

Image of woman working in an office in the fashion industry. Concept of Best Fashion Companies to Work for in 2018.
The fashion industry is more than meets the eye. The industry is said to have an impact worth an estimated 1.2 trillion dollars worldwide. 

But what are the best fashion companies to work for? As some of the top employers, fashion companies can offer their workers not only chance to work for a company with an established and respected reputation but also an impressive salary, range of positions as well as inciting, unique benefits packages and perks. While you may only consider the fashion industry to be a money-making enterprise, it is multi-dimensional including areas of design, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, retailing, advertising and promotion of all types of apparel including high-fashion, casual, sportswear and so much more. If you consider how broad the term “fashion” is you will get a glimpse into the myriad of skills, services and employment options there are within the industry. 
Today, millions of people all over the world are looking for new ways to get involved in a career they love. So, why not fashion? Some of the top earning companies worldwide just so happen to be in the fashion industry.

Here are 12 best fashion companies to work for: 


1. Nike.

The brand value of this household name is estimated at 28 billion dollars. This is where high-fashion hits the pavement, and in 2018 Nike remains the most valuable apparel brand. For this reason, it is also the best fashion companies to work for in 2018. Known for its signature swoosh and motivational tagline, “Just Do It,” Nike managed to maintain its top-ranking position in the fashion industry despite suffering from a 12 percent drop in overall value at the end of February this year. Even though they struggled, Nike came out on top in the world of fashion where competition is fierce. 

2. H&M. 

image of H&M store in NYC.

This is a brand that many people can wear. The estimated brand value of H&M is 19 billion as it champions the global mobility of 120,000 people employed in 61 markets. Established in 1947, their company headquarters is located in Stockholm Sweden but includes over 3,600 locations. H&M is one of the largest fashion retailers with a high-fashion approach, diverse collections and affordable prices making them one of the fashion industry’s largest employers. Their team of dedicated employees sees themselves as working in a “Place of Possible,” where achievement is only limited by the employees own ambition. The employees at H&M are free to set their own path towards success and enjoy competitive benefits and salary package plus promotions. 

3. Adidas. 

A classic, traditional brand that still holds strong in today’s culture Adidas, employees take part in regular exchanges between local market and global talent. With an estimated value of 14.2 billion dollars, they are one of the best fashion companies to work for in 2018. As a global leader of sportswear, Adidas values employee excellence, and so they reward their employees. Based on bonuses, incentives, profit participation and long-term incentives including 401-K retirement plans in multiple countries Adidas has maintained its reputation as a leading employer in the fashion industry for 2018. 

4. Hermès

Image of Hermes store in France.

Known to have an impressive brand value of $11.3 billion in 2018, Hermès is a leading name in fashion. It’s premium-quality leather goods can be seen in the hands of some of the most popular celebrities including Victoria Beckham (said to own close to $2 million in Hermès merchandise). The timeless brand stands on a spirit of close relationships, humility and a thirst for success. It is this drive for excellence and goodwill that makes every artisan able to spark a creation celebrated for its craftsmanship. With a lightness in everything they do, Hermès employees enjoy a harmonious work environment and closeness among others. The company is the second most valuable luxury brand in the world.

5. Louis Vuitton.

The brand itself is estimated to be worth 10.4 billion, but the name of Louis Vuitton is priceless. Landing a job here can open your life up to new opportunities across the world including Europe, Japan, and France. With over 19,000 employees, each person cultivates these passions: creativity, audacity, team spirit, and agility. Look for potential changes at Louis Vuitton in 2018 as they let go of their current artistic director Kim Jones from menswear. Currently, this is the most valuable luxury brand in the world.

6. Cartier

Image of cartier store.

 A 9.8 billion dollar company, Cartier is world-renowned for their luxury jewelry and watches. Their watch collections are nothing short of legendary for the expertise and excellence demonstrated since 1847. At Cartier, each creation is made by a team of passionate men and women that take part in areas all over the world. You can find Cartier careers in New York City, Paris, Dubai and more. Job descriptions include hundreds of options from departments including sales, production, design, finance and many more. As the seventh most powerful luxury brand in the world, the company has over 200 stores making it one of the best fashion companies to work for. 

7. Gucci

Image of Gucci store in Miami.

Founded in Florence in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, the brand is currently part of the Gucci Group owned by Kering, a French company mostly known as PPR. With a reputation for premium Italian craftsmanship, every Gucci product is made with the help of distinctive individuals. Opportunities in retail, corporate and artisan positions are all offered by Gucci as one of today’s best fashion companies to work for across Europe, America, Canada and more.

8. Chanel

Image of Chanel store in Miami.

This private French company was founded in 1909 by legendary Coco Chanel. Today, the owner has changed, but the initial business partners remain in the family. Coco’s grandsons Alain and Gerard Wertheimer still make top luxury goods. Among them, No. 5 de Chanel trademark a signature perfume is one of the most recognized products in the world. With a total brand value of approximately 7 billion, some of the top-selling products include a recent “The Chanel “Diamond Forever” Classic Bag which sold for $261,000. This is why Chanel is one of the best fashion companies to work for – especially for those with a love of classic fashion. 

9. Rolex. 

With a tremendous brand value of 6.3 billion Rolex is famous for its premium quality watches. Designed, manufactured, distributed and serviced by the Rolex brand each employee here plays a vital role. In the world of fashion, the Rolex name carries a strong and powerful presence not just because of its valued craftsmanship and quality but also for a longstanding reputation. The Swiss watch manufacturer founded the beloved brand back in 1905. Started by Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf, Rolex relocated operations to Switzerland in 1919. Today, their headquarters can be found in Geneva, Switzerland but this luxury leader in fashion offers career opportunities across the globe. 

10. Coach. 

With a strong presence both on the runway and in the streets, Coach is valued at an estimated 3.2 billion. Known for their high-end accessories, Coach leather goods are made in America. Founded back in 1941  in Manhattan, New York the current company CEO is Joshua Schulman. With over 600 stores across America and Canada, today Coach is known as one of the best fashion companies to work for in 2018. Products in the Coach line usually cost about $500, however, the company continues to push forward into the luxury market with higher price points. Look for this leader in the industry to continue to make moves in the upcoming years with hot new trends for every season.

11. Fendi

Image of Fendi storefront.

A lavish Italian fashion factory, Fendi is a company founded in Rome. Back in 1925, when Adele Casagrande launched this famous brand it included only a few dedicated employees working hard to create what we know today as the ninth most valuable luxury brand in the world. There are currently 117 Fendi stores worldwide plus a headquarters in Rome where you can seize an opportunity to work for Fendi. The company sells famed Fendi “baguette” handbags for approximately $2,000 - $5,000 a piece.

12. Burberry. 

Image of Burberry shop in London.

This luxury fashion brand from Britain was founded in 1856. Thomas Burberry may not have known what was in store years later, but today, Burberry is now based in London and operates under three different brand names including Burberry Prorsum, Burberry London, and Burberry Brit. One of the top 10 luxury brands in the world, Burberry operates 500 stores worldwide. The famous coat made of peacock feathers is rumored to be worth upwards of $35,000. This could be the reason that so many people seek this company out for best fashion companies to work for in 2018. 

How Can I Get A Job in the Fashion Industry?

There are many different job opportunities within the fashion industry. However, if you are just starting out you may not know how to break into such a lucrative industry with a reputation as esteemed as fashion. Never fear. While the road to fashion success is a delicate one, there are tips you can use to make your way to the top of one of these leading fashion companies. But you don’t just waltz your way straight to the top. Oh no! 
In the fashion industry, it is best to start at the beginning. So, you’ll need to apply for entry-level jobs within one of these 12 best fashion companies to work for in 2018 or another company. Here are recommended entry-level positions for people just starting out in the fashion industry.
  • Store manager
  • Sales representative
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Administrative assistant
  • Personal or editorial aid 
  • Marketing support/social media
  • Public relations coordinator
  • Design assistant 
  • Buyer
  • Intern
Don’t let the extraordinary reputation of the industry intimate you. If you have a love for fashion and a passion for working with like-minded people to deliver premium goods – go for it! Just use these top companies as a starting point to catapult you into the career you’ve been dreaming of. And remember: in the world of fashion it’s A-OK to start at the bottom and work your way up. That’s how true quality is made. 


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