Why is Goyard so Popular? The Luxurious Brand That Won't Advertise

Why is Goyard so Popular? The Luxurious Brand That Won't Advertise

Why is Goyard so Popular? The Luxurious Brand That Won't Advertise
The Goyard pattern is one of the most discretely recognized brands in the world. If you are familiar with Louis Vuitton, you may know that it is one of the most expensive brands of luxury luggage with some $9.4 billion in revenue.
However, before the legacy of Louis Vuitton was born in 1854 in Paris, there was another prolific brand becoming popular in French luxury. Known as Goyard, the inception began with a mysterious presence about 160 years ago. The trunk and bag maker began with a quiet birth and built a reputation based on prestige.

Over time, with no advertising or marketing efforts, and zero e-commerce sales, Goyard managed to establish a legacy with a dizzying buzz surrounding it. Keeping the worldwide fashion luxury brand essentially underground, Goyard items are available at Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman in New York along with two stores in California. Able to keep the exclusivity intact by keeping virtually everyone who isn’t anyone out, Goyards few stockists managed to protect the brand by keeping their lips sealed about the company. 

Today, the Goyard name is holding onto its reputation as being one of the most desired brands across the globe. Shunning competition, it holds up against high-status brands gaining the most attention including Hermès, Chanel, and GUCCI. With other brands struggling to make sales even with the help of online marketing and e-commerce, there is no dependency on digital marketing, social media, or digital sales with Goyard. In fact, the status of the brand comes from the family-owned philosophy of quality and secrecy of being an insider.

Why is Goyard so Popular?

The look of the classic and highly-recognizable Goyard pattern is only part of the reason why the brand is so popular. Visually, the luxury travel brand is known for its hand-painted Chevron pattern, which today is immediately recognizable among the high-fashion elite. Goyard personalization is also available as the family-owned business customizes their services on trunks and bags. 
Why is Goyard so Popular

Beyond the pattern renowned all over the world, the premier luxury luggage brand developed a remarkable product. Over time, while other brands focused on opening stores across the world, Goyard simply maintained their legacy by targeting one category: functionality. Across all areas, Goyard trunks and bags maintain their ability to hold value because they become an heirloom. With every piece of Goyard luxury luggage, there is history and proud family heritage behind it. 

The family-owned business withstood the test of time by creating every Goyard item with great care. High-quality and durable, each piece of luxury luggage is an impressive piece of limited edition merchandise. Back in the mid-19th century, the family-owned shop custom made every piece, so today, each one is not only based on superior functionality but also history. 

It’s Not Just About Luxury: What Is a Goyard Bag? 

The bags themselves are not just about luxury. They are lightweight and extremely well-made so you can pass them down from generation to generation, just like an heirloom, or even as an investment. No matter what type of Goyard bag you purchase, the brand will ensure it holds resale value. 
Another reason why Goyard luxury luggage is so popular, according to analysts, is because they are still a secret. While everyone today can carry a genuine or faux Louis Vuitton bag, Prada is commonly counterfeited, and even Hermès can be a hoax, Goyard has maintained a mystique. 
Holding onto its dedication to traditional craftsmanship, Goyard's commitment to staying away from the mass market has paid off. While many companies tried to build a business based off of marketing dollars and advertising efforts, Goyard created a limited supply of merchandise.
goyard bag

The strategy behind building the Goyard brand has been an independent one. With limited brick and mortar shops, zero marketing, and only a few stakeholders, Goyard is unlike all other brands. 

Consider that the largest luxury luggage brands including Louis Vuitton, Celine, Givenchy, Dior, Marc Jacobs, and Fendi, all answer to corporate executives of LVMH. Kering is involved in brands including Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Saint Lauren, and Balenciaga. Unlike these brands, Goyard sales are fueled solely by their own reputation of excellence. 

You can count on the fact that Goyard will never create a product with the hopes of satisfying an investor. While many luxury brands today answer to bottom lines, marketing strategies, stock reports, and online sales quotas -- Goyard doesn’t. This may never change as the Goyard agenda is not market takeover. It is quite the opposite. 

Who Owns Goyard? 

Goyard was established in Paris in 1853. Founded in the House of Martin by Pierre-Francois Martin, the brand is older than Louis Vuitton by just one year. 

However, today you can clearly see that the two luxury luggage handbag and accessory brands took different paths from the very beginning. The French brand is also known for its signature solid family pattern on the trunk and leather goods, which is globally recognized for its mysterious reputation and high-quality. 

Francois Goyard started with packing, box making, and trunk making as a family trade back when he purchased Maison Morel. Edmond Goyard expanded the business from 1885-1937, and then, after him, Robert Goyard took the reins of the legendary brand. He maintained in control of the brand through the post-war years until the firm's daughter grew the brand in 1959. From there, Jean-Michel Signoles bought Goyard in 1998, turning the company into an internationally famous brand. 
goyard box

The privately owned company created something very unique in the1850s. When competitors were making moves in a direction that would take their focus towards advertising, self-promotion, and digital sales, Goyard refused to grant even so much as an interview with a press representative. 

This astonishing approach can be seen as nothing short of elite. Today, Goyards competitors can only create a perception of exclusivity, while Goyards work is increasingly defined as a luxury brand by its limited list of international clientele

Is There a Symbolic Meaning Behind Goyard Luggage?

There is a symbolic meaning behind the Chevron pattern on Goyard luggage. Originally, when Edmond Goyard was establishing himself as the first trunk maker, he implemented his name into the canvas -- even before the year 1900! 

Inspired by their family history, the piled up dot pattern on the canvas fabric is said to represent the central letter of the family name: Y. Using three chevrons to create the Y, the canvas is signed like any other piece of artwork. The name Goyard is written as a central element in the canvas, and the pattern also includes “Paris,” repeated twice in different shades of brown on the woven canvas.

The modern look of the Goyard pattern is understated and chic. Each Goyard item is not only a reliable investment but also a stunning piece of history and a true artwork. A favorite with celebrities, captains of industry, heads of state and royals, Goyard orders are placed by customers using an exclusive system of nominal index cards. 
modern goyard

While you can dream about being the type of extraordinary shopper who can place an order like this, some people actually can. Their names include Coco Chanel, Rockefeller, Estée Lauder, and Barbara Hutton, Mrs. Pompidou, and Princess Aga Khan. 

How did Goyard do it? Back when Louis Vuitton was establishing their business, Goyard did also. But they took two different paths, and today, the legacy of Goyard is deeply rooted in its relationships with elite clientele. Famous or anonymous, a Goyard customer account may stay active for decades as they may include royal families. 

Goyard does not engage in e-commerce, so to find genuine goods, shop The Chic Selection items you may not be able to find anywhere else. Each piece is selected for its value, and kept in the best condition so you can give a second life to the best luxury Goyard items available. 

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