How Used Clothing Made Vintage Fashion?

How Used Clothing Made Vintage Fashion?

How Used Clothing Made Vintage Fashion?
The definition of vintage clothing is simple. Unlike reproduced items, also called “retro,” genuine vintage items can be from any number of time periods. However, some of the most popular and expensive vintage chic clothing items are from specific times in history.

For fashion, the time periods known for some of the best vintage styles include the 1920s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. There are many different ideas about what is considered to be vintage, but you will know for sure when the item is at least 20 years old, and it is genuinely from that time frame.

The term can be applied to many items, not just clothing. In fact, some antiques and other vintage items can be designer accessories, handbags, hats, home decor pieces, toys, and more. If you do not know if an item is simply second-hand or it is vintage, there are ways to find out.

A Quick Guide to Authenticating Vintage Chic Clothing

When you are in a second-hand store, antique shop, or so-called vintage fashion boutique, make sure that you can authenticate the item. You will need to identify the era the vintage clothing item is from, and then perform some authentication steps to ensure it is not just a retro reproduction of a true vintage item.

In order to authenticate a vintage item:
  • Verify the age of the clothing even if it is approximate
  • Ensure that the item is 20 years old (or 10 at the very least)
  • Look for a label sewn on to the bottom side seam
  • Identify labels including Copyright, Made in the U.S.A., wool marks, material names, half sizes, odd number sizes, Made in Mexico, Care instructions, lack of zip codes, lot numbers, and more.
“How old is vintage clothing?” is not an uncommon question and you may be surprised to know that many other people are asking the same thing. So, what is considered vintage? It can be easier to tell when you use the above authentication tips. And remember: if you want to be able to shop genuine vintage items you can do it without wondering if it is actually faux. Just shop all of your favorite vintage items from brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel and many more - all at The Chic Selection.

What Does Vintage Clothing Mean?

Technically, vintage clothing can come from any era between 1920-1990. If you are out shopping and see a pair of denim cut-offs that are vintage Levis, and you know it - snatch them up!
vintage Levis

How to Shop For Used Vintage Clothing?  

No matter where you live, there is a place to shop for used vintage clothing. At first, you may not know where to look so you can start out at local thrift stores, Goodwill or even the Salvation Army. There, you can find some true vintage items. Additionally, you can locate traveling trunk shows, antique malls, consignment stores, and even specialty vintage shops nearby your home or where you travel.

If you find yourself falling in love with real vintage clothing shopping, there are also online shops that are popular for collectors and window shoppers alike. Check and for some serious search options.

You can create a unique wardrobe or elaborate on your existing collection of beloved items from your favorite eras of fashion by building up your knowledge of vintage labels and how to style used vintage clothing.

For starters, take a few pieces from your favorite outfits in your past. They can include prom dresses, jewelry, handbags, and other accessories, along with hats, shoes, hair clips and anything else that captures your style. Work those classic pieces together into your most stunning outfits by adding a sense of your style to any occasion.  
How to Shop For Used Vintage Clothing

NOTE: Never make these mistakes when wearing your vintage clothing:
  • Forget to wear vintage accessories with the outfit.
  • Only accent your current style with vintage pieces. Do NOT wear vintage head-to-toe.
  • Mix old with the new.
  • Remember to focus on dressing up one centerpiece.
  • Honor the vintage chic clothing by keeping it clean and properly cared for.

Vintage Fashion: What Does It Symbolize?

Some people wear retro clothing because they enjoy the nostalgic look and feel of the vintage style. However, stylists do not recommend wearing head-to-toe retro clothing. Instead, you can create a unique vintage style with a few retro accessories or centerpiece clothing items from genuine vintage eras.
Depending on what you want to symbolize with your vintage fashion, you may choose to wear historical, memorial, or even culturally charged items.

Fashionistas can even be seen wearing vintage clothing with rips and tears, and have been known to pick up oddly shaped or colored items to accent their own unique style. Retro clothing styles also include costume jewelry, vintage jackets, and even old-school fabrics, buttons, and other timeless details that bring sweet memories from the past to life once again.

While the meaning behind vintage fashion is different for everyone, you can use your creativity to build a collection of genuine items. Let the fashionista from far back run wild! Do you have the need to dress like a 1980s businesswoman? Do it with class wearing real vintage clothing from the era, and don’t forget to style it up properly with the right accessories.
Vintage Fashion: What Does It Symbolize

What Makes Vintage Clothing Chic?

Vintage chic clothing is not the same as retro fashion. You see, when an item of clothing is vintage, it is dated to a specific era. For example, if you purchased a pillbox hat from a vintage or antique clothing shop, you may already know that the item is from either the 1920s or the 1950s.

Usually, an item like the pillbox hat becomes a vintage fashion must-have because someone has already made the item a fashion success. In the case of the pillbox hat, Jacqueline Kennedy was one of the most iconic women to ever add this type of style to her wardrobe, back in the 1950s-60s. This is partially the reason pillbox hats are so vintage chic. However, not all old clothing is vintage. And just because a piece of fashion is vintage does not mean that it is chic.

You may already notice some people are not capable of putting together retro styles that are also vintage chic. You can clearly see the differences when you notice these comparisons between retro and vintage chic clothing:
  • Retro clothing is not referring to any time period
  • Vintage clothing must be verified to be from a specific era
  • Retro clothing is referencing items made to imitate style from years ago
  • Vintage chic items are genuine clothing from a fashion era
  • Retro styles are commonly used to bring back old fashions
  • Vintage clothing is used to bring the time period from which they were created into today’s fashion
  • “Vintage” and “Retro,” can be used interchangeably in music, toys, and household goods
The differences between genuine vintage items and retro remakes of your favorite styles are not always clear. If you want to purchase authentic vintage handbags, accessories, and clothing items, shop at The Chic Selection. Each item in the online store is available to you without the worry of performing an authentication check.

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